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Mark Pitchforth
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After trying a number of different instruments I was finally inspired by my Dad to pick up his guitar at 14. I've been playing for 22 years and teaching on and off for 15 of them.I Left college at 20 after A Level Music and the Commercial Music Diploma at Wakefield. I then became resident guitar tutor at 'Live On Stage' musical instruments. I have proprietor Mr Ken Sturt to thank for solidifying my interest in the guitar. Through my work with Ken I had the opportunity to play with many great guitar players.

I've been in bands since before I could play but developed my chops in Bradford based 'tech-rock' band Sir Jester along with fellow chopsters Gary Lawson and Adam Taylor. During this time we spent many hours blatantly plagiarising the music of Paul Gilbert, Ritchie Kotzen, Yngwie Malmsteen, Stevie Salas, Van Halen and a whole host of ridiculous technicians.

I've had the priviledge of studying with a number of excellent players including Rob Myers and Barrie Gledden. Barrie was heralded by Mike Varney of Shrapnel Records as one of England's best guitarists.
I went on to become Barrie's guitar tech during his time with stunning rock band Old Man stone.
Via Barrie I am involved in writing for Audio Network Plc The award winning production music library & Hollywood sound effects archive for the media professional.

My musical influences range from Neil Finn to Yngwie Malmsteen.
Adam Taylor
After starting playing guitar at 13 I soon realised that music was to become a major part of my life. I studied both classical and rock guitar at the same time so 8 hours+ practice a day became the norm.
After completing my classical training and a commercial music diploma I started my teaching career. As well as my home based teaching I have taught at Wakefield college of music and held guitar workshops for Wakefield council.

I started gigging at just 15 and I have played in many varied bands with styles ranging from metal to sight reading complex jazz in a swing/big band! I have worked with some fantastic musicians such as fellow guitar tutor Mark Pitchforth where we played some crazy licks in Bradford based band ' Sir Jester '. I have also enjoyed studio work with many artists including Tiny from ' Ultrasound '.

I have a wide range of influences including Ritchie Blackmore and Django Reinhardt to Queens Of The Stone Age.