guitar lessons in west yorkshire beginners to advanced
Guitar Tuition in Wakefield, West Yorkshire
Acoustic & Electric Styles - Beginner to Advanced
learn to play guitar your way
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electric and acoustic guitar lessons
What does it cost?
You can choose a 30 minute lesson for £15 or the full hour for £25.
If you need to be flexible and prefer to mix and match each lesson duration, that's fine.
What do I get from my lessons?
That's entirely up to you and your lesson structure will develop over time. Whether it's theory, scale's, speed playing, learning for fun, or any combination of these elements, it's your lesson so you tell us.
What Lesson Times Are Available?
Week days 10am until 8pm and some weekends, on a first come first served basis for each time slot. You tell us when you want to attend and if its available, its yours. If you need to be flexible due to work commitments thats fine too.
Is There An Age Limit?
Learning guitar is uncomfortable on the fingers and this can put younger children off. Teenagers and upwards tend to concentrate better and get more from the lesson.
What do I need?
An acoustic or electric guitar, amplification is available. Just turn up and plug in, or not if you have an acoustic!
Ok, I want to give it a try, what now?
Contact us via the [ contact page ] arrange your first visit and we'll take it from there, it's that simple.

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